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Fitting Relationships

Lee and I do not share a typical relationship. We are not like most other couples. It is not because we both are in female bodies.

Lee and have precious little time together of late. He has been working six days a week, and not getting home in the evenings until almost dark. By the time we eat, wash dishes, take out the dogs, it’s late. It seems we dump on each other; we rush to verbally unload on each other for those two or three hours. Lee tells me about work. I tell him about home, dogs, blogs and family. We take turns trying to convey enough to each other to not feel as if we have left the other out of anything. We hang on each others words, diligent not to miss anything. We fight our own wandering minds as we try to remember to share the important stuff, yet wanting to also share the trivial thoughts and feelings that have passed through our minds and hearts during the day.

It is those trivial things, that off the wall sharing that connects us so much. When we confide in each other something we would dare tell no one else, all those quirky little tid bits of self we don’t want to claim as just our own, those parts become something big, something, vital, something funny or beautiful even. They become a part of us. Everything is better when it becomes a part of us. The sky is bluer. The sun is brighter. The fruit is sweeter. Time is more precious. Laughter more healing. Smiles are more contagious. Babies are cuter and music more powerful. I know that sounds like pure cheese. It is sappy and sounds like an old fashioned love song.

I know too, that it is rare. The love we have for each other and the relationship we share is not what most couples have. We never fight. Not a harsh word has passed between us. We behave as if we have just this moment fallen in love with each other. It feels as if we have and do fall in love with each other all over again each day. We dance in the kitchen almost every night. We text and call each other throughout the day. We leave each other love notes as alarms on each others phones. We live together with an ease I cannot claim to have ever had before, not even when alone. There is no wish for anything else, not even how the toothpaste is squeezed or towel hung.

I want him to be happy. I want him to be well. I want to see him smile and to hear him sing. I want him to eat his favorite foods and listen to his favorite music. I want his dreams fulfilled and wishes granted. I want him to never doubt, not even for a second how much I love, cherish, admire, respect and adore him. I don’t know that so many other wives feel that way, or husbands. We want the other to be happy first.

We are different all right. We may be societal misfits, the minority of a minority, but we are a perfect fit together.


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