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The Gay, The Proud, The Extremes

Next weekend is Gay Pride here in Atlanta. I went last year for the first time ever. My daughter Holly and her boyfriend Daniel went with us. We had a great time looking at all the booths and at all the people. Lee pushed me all over in my trusty wheelchair. We missed the parade. The only thing that bothered me a little was all the drinking, but no one was rude or abusive that we witnessed. I especially enjoyed seeing all the families but also enjoyed the extreme-ness of it all. Lee and I don’t hide our togetherness, but there was somehow a freedom there, an air of celebration of our togetherness.I did indeed feel “Suddenly Gay” but so absolutely proud.

We’ll be going again next weekend and not missing the parade. We are meeting  my newly found long-lost former niece, and her best friend for lunch, then going to watch the parade. I’ll ask Holly and Daniel to join us there again. I am even more proud.

Just yesterday, we encountered a salesperson who was telling us how he was new to his position and new to the company he worked for, the company we were doing business with. As he sang the praises of the company, he said, “We treat everyone the same, no matter what their circumstance.” He could have been talking about a million things, but I believe he was referring to our “gay-ness.” After he said that, he paused and looked at both of us. Perhaps I offend too easily, but it seems to me if he was treating everyone the same, he would not have made any mention of that fact. To treat us as anyone else, should not be cause to toot one’s horn. Again though, there was that powerful pause… (see post “I give you pause”)

I suppose extreme is part of achieving balance in an unbalanced world.


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