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No capital for Extremists

He estimates a half million people were there. I thought that as well, maybe even more. I read the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Monday. It is Atlanta’s big newspaper. There was several “gay news” articles. It was a big day in that regard. I looked specifically for news of Pride, a crowd size estimate at least if not a few pictures. The Yellow daisy Festival, Great Chili Cook-Off, even the small local festivals usually get a little bit of coverage. Instead, there was not one word of mention. Half a million people flocked to downtown Atlanta. The streets were closed to traffic. Our famous and beautiful Piedmont Park was filled with venders, artists, stages, bands and thousands and thousands of people for the weekend and not one word of mention. It is the largest Gay Pride celebration in the entire Southeast and not a single word. I’m glad we no longer have a subscription. I know exactly what I’ll say the next time they call soliciting subscriptions.

I suppose the only way it might have made the paper is if someone had punched one of those obnoxious fundamental extremist christians “protesting” the event. Spell check really wants me to capitalize the word christian. I can’t.


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