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This is me, Allie

This is Lee

I know what you are probably thinking, that one doesn’t become suddenly gay. I agree. However, I was thrust headfirst into the gay community, my identity as heterosexual gone, the moment I fell in love with the love of  my life.

Lee is a man, living in a female body. I fell in love with the man he really is, but also with the woman the world sees. To that world, we are a same sex couple.

I spent over fifty years as a white heterosexual woman. I lived in that comfortable place of mass acceptance, void of bigotry. The only discrimination I ever felt was as a woman and as a person of short stature. I never feared to walk down a busy street holding my love’s hand, until now.

This blog is about my observations as someone suddenly perceived by the world as gay, as a lesbian. I believe I offer a unique perspective.

Check out my other blog about my journey with heart disease.






My Lee

by allie

I grew up wanting a fairy tale life

and searched for a knight just for me

after kissing whole armies off bullfrogs and toads

I gave up and set my dream free

I focused instead on spiritual things

and thought that my business enough

to keep me content and to fill up my heart

with accolades, letters and stuff

but deep down inside an emptiness grew

and I had no idea I was aching

for the dream long forgotten and then thrown away

leaving my heart slowly breaking

then out of the blue walked right into my life

my knight and my perfect mister

not looking at all like I had imagined

but more like by best girlfriend’s sister

still dressed like a man and so debonair

a hero with intent not at random

and out of my dream rode my prince to my side

as if never had my dream been abandoned

the gender lines blur but forever is he

the love of my life and my living

kind, strong and caring, funny and bright

generous, sensitive, giving

so some call us gay or lesbo or such

and say what we have is not real

some cast us out or don’t let us in

and think they know best how we feel

some are afraid and others just hate

all that they don’t understand

they just cannot see that love is what’s real

and the genitals don’t make the man



  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    Comment by ReadersHeaven | September 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. where are you Allie? I have been waiting for your posts for some time. You have not posted here or on the other blog for months…I hope you are ok.

    Comment by Dace | July 5, 2011 | Reply

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